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Settings Features

Area/Collectors Setting


Deposit Scheme Setting

·         Current Account

·         Saving Account

·         Fixed Deposits

·         Periodic Deposits (Daily, Monthly etc)

·         Various type of Deposit collection scheme and Payment

·         Interest Calculation on Daily, Average or Minimum Balance


Loan Setting (Flat/Diminishing method)

·         Personal Loan

·         Business Loan

·         Flat Loan

·         Share Loan

·         Agricultural Loan

·         Hire Purchase

·         Others Loan

·         Interest  setting on individual Loan

·         Other Loan Scheme


Penalty Setting

·         Penalty on Delay of Installment  or ageing Loan

·         Increment of interest rate as per delay on loan payment


Other Accounts Setting

·         Member/Share Application Form

·         Loan Application Form

·         Guarantee(Jamani) and collateral Setting for Loan

·         Agent/Collector commission setting

·         Fixed Deposit Account Setting

·         Create EMI and  contract (TamaSuk) setting

Cheque Settings

·         Payment Slip Setting (Cheque)

·         Issue of payment slip

·         Print of payment slip


Master Account: Master account system is for summary of various account of the same person, so you can analysis and it’s also support for decision making and reporting. Example: You can see and analyze the saving, share, loan, advance and others account of Mr. X at the same time. You can..

·         Set Photograph of Members/Shareholders

·         Set Signature

·         Tinpuste Bibaran

·         Mailing Address

·         Other Information if required



Transactions/Inputs Features

Account Creation

·         Created defaults accounts as per Cooperative regulations

·         Set Cooperative Account Code (example: 110 for Loan)

·         Create A/c No. as per your requirement

·         Account Search system as per your need

·         Activate and deactivation of account


Transaction Entries



Other Utilities and Tools


·        Daily/Periodic Account closing system

·        Multi User system with assigning level task

·        Secure Backup and Restore of Database

·        Auto Account Transfer in Every Year


Online Support.